Space Jelly | Original Painting – 12×24″, Acrylic




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Space Jelly – Original Painting 12×24″, Acrylic on Canvas

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I took a different approach with this piece compared to my usual technique. I strayed away from realism by not relying so heavily on photographs for reference. Instead, I painted intuitively, which lead to more creativity and experimentation.

This allowed me to create an imaginative jellyfish creature in an unexpected environment. I wanted to capture the mesmerizing and sublime nature of this creature through its shape, color, and texture. The busy composition and intricate details pull you closer to the painting inviting your eyes to explore and discover.

I worked on this painting periodically over a span of 6 months, coming and going as I felt surges of inspiration.  Over time, I built up layers of paint and refined my marks until the canvas finally revealed an image I’m happy with. As an artist, it’s therapeutic to watch the image evolve from beginning to end. I attempted to capture this evolution in the process video located on my social media.

Please keep in mind that there is only one original painting available so it’s important to act fast!

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Dimensions 12 × 24 × 0.75 in


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